This world we live in is filled with wonder. The one life we have got is too short to experience the joys it has to offer. One such joy is brought about by books. Only a reader understands the pleasure of being lost in a story. The “World Reading Series” is an effort to explore and understand the world through books. Here, I venture forth to read and write about a book from each country of the world.

When I say “a book from a country”, I mean that the book is set in the said country and the author is also from that country. If, in case, it is not possible to meet both the criteria, I will give giving preference to the setting, as the ultimate goal is to have a glimpse of the life and culture of a given country.

*Updating the selection criteria for reading, in decreasing order of preference

  • Book set in the country
  • Author from the country, residing in the country
  • Author from the country, not residing in the country
  • The book is a novel
  • The book is a work of fiction

This will be a monthly series, wherein I will post a new article on the last Friday of every month. The article will contain a short background as to why I chose that particular book to read, a short review of the book and other possible choices for reading from that place. I may not always go for the most popular or the most accepted work from a given place. I might go for fairly new or relatively unknown works as well if they fit into the objective of the exercise or simply because the book holds a unique appeal for me.

With this, I invite you to be a part of this endeavour and wish me luck as I embark on this journey.



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